Foreskin Man Dramatic Reading

Sorry we've been kind of dead and the site's broken. Stuff will be back in order some point soon. In the mean time, enjoy this dramatic reading of an awful comic.

Life's Lesson

Overgrown moustache plus neti pot equals goopy face.

I Suppose I should Just Expect It

Pretty much every time I wear my official (and very white) R. Crumb Mr. Natural Vans high-top sneakers, I manage to spill coffee or something tomato-based on them. I guess I'll just have to get used to that reddish-brown patina.


Does anyone make a faucet-mounted water filter that doesn't turn to crap after a couple months?

Update: Apparently, Culligan makes the only decent faucet-mounted filter. However, it's not that easy to find in stores, so I got a 3M Filtrete under-sink unit. Looks functional so far.

Saying stuff about stuff

Got my first work performance review in 2 1/2 years yesterday. Needless to say, we have differences in perception of what's going on. Also, not really happy to be reminded that in the 9 years I've spent making high-end musical instruments for a living, my wages have gone up less than $2 an hour.

In addition to that, my car had a "check engine" light yesterday, as if I needed more to worry about. It turned out to be a loose gas cap, but still annoying.

food Blogging: Cheapskate

As I was cleaning up the kitchen after supper this evening, I was thinking about the cost of the meal that I had just made. We're on a pretty tight budget, and the grilled mahi-mahi and fettuccine Alfredo felt a bit extravagant.

I realized, though, that I needed a little perspective. If we went out to McDonald's and had a couple value meals, it likely would've cost us more, and we wouldn't have awesome leftovers, either.

Food Blogging: Grilled Corn

Since it's summer here in Austin, we're always looking for an excuse to not heat up the house by cooking indoors, so it's to the grill we go. Grilled corn on the cob has become one of our favorite things to have lately, and it's relatively easy.

I strip off all but the innermost three or so layers of husks, and peel back those back and clean off the silk. I then melt a couple tablespoons of butter with some finely-chopped herbs (cilantro or basil work best) and that gets brushed onto the corn, followed by a dash of salt. A bit of lime juice is nice too. I cover up the ear with the still-attached husks, and tie them in place. String would work to hold it together, but I've been using strips of husk, tied end-to-end.

It takes thirty minutes to cook over nicely hot coals, turning once halfway. When the husks are somewhat charred, it's done on that side.

Happy Independence Day!

Every once in a while, I take the time to read The US Constitution, and I'm always struck by how forward-looking and flexible the framers had designed it to be. Downright progressive, I think.

It's Thursday.

I've noticed that on a lot of blogs, Thursday nights are typically pet picture night. Today, I asked myself if that means I should post pictures of our fish. Is the world ready for fish blogging?

Talking about food some more

Some years ago, there was a little coffee shop that I frequented that served some really tasty panini, with chips and salsa. The salsa was pretty unique, made with carrots and pineapple. I eventually asked the owner what went in it, and it turned out to be pretty simple. One pineapple, diced, a few carrots, grated, a couple habanero peppers, seeds removed, a little cilantro, and a bit of salt. Chop it up in a food processor, and then cook it for a bit.

I made a batch today, and even remembered to wear rubber gloves while working on the peppers.

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